THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW: “Self-sufficiency is key”

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GoldSwitzerland has posted a new item, “Self-sufficiency is key” – an interview conducted by Lars Schall with economist Chris Berry.

By Lars Schall


In the Matterhorn Interview series, the German journalist Lars Schall talked with geopolitical trend spotter, natural resource expert and economist Chris Berry about the various factors that are pushing prices for precious metals and crude oil up; the short-sighted energy policy of the West; the rare earths industry; and the importance of pot ash to combat world poverty.

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Chris Berry (1974 – Phoenix, Arizona) holds an MBA in Finance with an international focus from Fordham University and a BA in International Studies from The Virginia Military Institute. He spent more than a decade working across various roles in sales and brokerage on Wall Street. In 2010 he founded House Mountain Partners LLC. The firm focuses on the intersection of three spheres:

* The changing geopolitical relationship between emerging and developed economies;

* The commodity and energy space;

* Junior mining and resource stocks.

Chris Berry is a member of the Canadian American Business Council and an active contributor to the Morning Notes email newsletter, along with his father Dr. Michael Berry (see:, and writes columns for various publications such as the Gold Report. He lives in New York City, U.S.A.

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