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For the moment, the U.S. has the biggest gun

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Lars Schall talked with Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired Colonel of the U.S. Army, who was in the past, inter alia, the Chief of Staff for then Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson calls the United States a “warfare state” – and the so called “War on Terror” is its “Raison d’Être“.

The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

On occasion of the CIA’s 70th anniversary, Lars Schall talked with U.S. researcher Douglas Valentine about the Central Intelligence Agency. According to Valentine, the CIA is “the organized crime branch of the U.S. government”, doing the dirty business for the rich and powerful.

9/11 Terror Trading: Beware of a Limited Hangout, Part Three

In this third and final part we connect Al Qaeda with a device to move its funds undetected through the international banking system; visit Richard Cheney at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center implementing Continuity of Government plans; take an interest in computer hard drives from the World Trade Center; and ask some questions, inter alia, […]

9/11 Terror Trading: Beware of a Limited Hangout, Part Two

In this second part we’ll take a look at possible 9/11 insider trading in Stratesec and Raytheon stock; talk about a trading anomaly on September 11, 2001 connected to transactions in 10-year U.S. bonds; present research related to the legendary PROMIS software; and “follow the money” with respect to the 9/11 plot funding.

9/11 Terror Trading: Beware of a Limited Hangout, Part One

Isn’t it interesting if an eminence grise at the junction between the international capital markets, the national security policy of the United States as well as geo-economics writes about the topic of informed 9/11 terror trading? James G. Rickards, a well-known Wall Street lawyer, fund manager, gold market analyst, and author, did so.

The CFR is “the most powerful private organization in the United States…“

German financial journalist Lars Schall talked with U.S. historian Laurence Shoup about the history of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and his latest book, “Wall Street’s Think Tank”. Shoup makes clear that the CFR is still calling the shots when it comes to the focus and the goals of U.S. foreign policy.

China’s Gold Challenge to the U.S.

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, Lars Schall talked with U.S. Securities lawyer and financial researcher Avery Goodman. On their agenda: China’s gold buying and inclusion into the SDR’s of the IMF; the importance of gold in international relations; and the suspicion that there must be “a physical gold supplier of last resort” intervening in […]

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