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9/11 Insider Trading Interviews

INSIGHT INTO THE 9/11 DEBATE: “Economists Are Scared“;

EINBLICK IN DIE 9/11-DEBATTE: “Die Ökonomen haben Angst”;

Terror Trading 9/11;

9/11 Terror Trading – 15 Years Later.

Exclusive Interview Guido G. Preparata:

The Business As Usual Behind The Slaughter;

Die üblichen Geschäfte hinter dem Gemetzel.

Exclusive Interview Lawrence B. Wilkerson:

For the moment, the U.S. has the biggest gun / Für den Moment haben die USA das größte Gewehr

Exclusive Interview Bernard Lietaer:

How About Money? / Ein Wiedersehen mit Bernard Lietaer

Exclusive Interview Norbert Haering:

Money lies disguise banking truths / Geld ist Macht (Money Talks)

Exclusive Interviews Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

Europe and America will not allow deflation to take root;

“Ironically, America has never been as powerful financially as it is now”.

Interviews mit / with:

Steve Keen:

“We are in a Depression”

William K. Black:

The Great Global Bank Robbery

Break Up The Banks

Pippa Malmgren:

There’s no price discovery anymore by the market, governments imposing prices on the market

You don’t fix deflation by introducing inflation

Marshall Auerback:

“Many years of economic stagnation lie ahead of us”

The „Road To Recovery“ Is A Dead End

“Gold market an interesting subject to follow in years to come”

Laurence Shoup:

The CFR is “the most powerful private organization in the United States…“

Peter Dale Scott:

America, Would You Please Wake Up!

Let’s Talk About the American Deep State

Thomas Drake:

Secret Information: The Currency Of Power

William Binney:

They try to keep the problem going instead of solving it

Annie Machon:

Intelligence services and democracy

Maarten van Mourik:

“Money Drives Everything”

Michael T. Klare:

The control over the global flow of oil in the 21st century…

Robert Hirsch:

Chaos is going to occur…

F. William Engdahl:

„We are in the Midst of an Epochal Tectonic Shift“

On Finance, Geopolitics and Oil

Catherine Austin Fitts:

Behind the Wheel

Oliver Villar:

Under the Mask of the War on Drugs

Douglas Valentine:

The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

William Bergman:

How does “dirty money” become “clean money”?

Francis A. Boyle:

From 2001 until today: The Afghanistan War was and is illegal

J. Michael Springmann:

Is the whole “War on Terror” a Fraud?

Adnan Zuberi:

The Sound of Silence in Academia Connected to 9/11

Eric Sprott:

“The West Will Regret All Its Financial Policies Someday Soon”

Koos Jansen:

China’s Gold Policy – One Of The World’s Most Important Developments

China is playing the gold game very carefully

Ronan Manly:

Economics will dictate that the price of gold is going to rise

Avery Goodman:

China’s Gold Challenge to the U.S.

James K. Galbraith:

There is no return to self-sustaining growth

Karl Denninger:

Though this be madness, there is method in it

Ansgar Belke:

„Europe is gradually running out of time and options“

Michael Bernegger:

The Greek Tragedy Is A Textbook Debt Deflation

David P. Goldman:

“Gold Gives You Extremely Important Signals”

Robert Blumen:

What’s really key for the price formation of gold?

Dimitri Speck:

Gold Market Manipulation Explained

The Coordinated Effort to Suppress the Gold Price

The Double Face of Gold

Tom Fischer:

Gold as Part of Gresham’s Law for Interest Rates

Mike Maloney:

“Our whole financial system is an illusion”

Bill Murphy:

“They are about to hit the wall”

Ultimately, Don Quixote will Triumph

Chris Powell:

There are no free markets anymore, just interventions

Hossein Askari:

“The Middle East will blow up – the only question is when”

Guenter Meyer:

On Syria and way beyond

Randall Wray:

Truths and myths of the Federal Reserve

Warren Mosler:

Defining the Modern Monetary Theory

Max Keiser:

America: a walking dead-zombie country

With Max Keiser in Paris

Karin Kneissl:

“The crux of today’s civilization is energy”

There is no such thing as a European energy policy

James D. Hamilton:

What drives the price of oil?

Michael C. Ruppert:

The sinking Titanic

Matthew Simmons:

“Global crude oil peaked in 2005”

Alasdair Macleod:

“The three biggest reasons to invest in gold”

Ronald Stoeferle:

“I Like Contrarian Investing“

Edward Harrison:

Things to Expect: Acrimony, Tension and Conflict

Nomi Prins:

“We aren’t in a recovery“

“Market Manipulation and the Second Great Depression“

Finance is a Power Game

The World is in Play

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet, Mama!

James G. Rickards:

“The central banks don’t consider it manipulation, they consider it part of their job“

“The Devaluation Against Gold Is The Inflation“

“The Fed Wants Gold To Rise Orderly”

Rob Kirby:

Central Banking is a blight on humanity

Bernd Senf:

Vom exponentiellen Wahnsinn des Geldsystems

Folker Hellmeyer:

Plunge Protection Team in Aktion

Thomas Meyer:

„Das ist gefährlich für die Demokratie“

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