J.S. Kim zum Interview mit F. William Engdahl

J.S. Kim, der Gründer und Präsident von SmartKnowledgeU, hat mein Interview mit F. William Engdahl, „We are in the Midst of an Epochal Tectonic Shift”, kommentiert. Ein lesenswerter Kommentar, der Öl mit Edelmetallen in Zusammenhang bringt.

Von Lars Schall

J.S. Kim, den ich vor kurzem noch selbst unter der Überschrift „Die Terminmärkte für Rohstoffe sind erschwindelt und ein Witz“ interviewen durfte:


veröffentlichte heute auf seinem Blog „The Underground Investor“ mein Interview mit F. William Engdahl.  Zu diesem Interview, das im Laufe der Woche als deutsche Übesetzung bei Goldseiten.de und LarsSchall.com erscheinen wird, schrieb Herr Kim den Kommentar:

„A History of Rigged & Fraudulent Oil Prices (and What It Can Teach Us About Gold & Silver)“

Below, please find an interview forwarded to me by Mr. Lars Schall with oil expert F. William Engdahl. As always, whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Engdahl, his insight always presents perspectives given almost no coverage by the mainstream media. Much of the fraudulent and deceptive practices of big global banks that Mr. Engdahl discusses regarding the oil markets can be extended to other commodities such as gold and silver. Regarding his opinion on precious metals markets and whether the banking cartel’s price suppresion schemes can be broken here, Mr. Engdahl opines:

“The problem with precious metals is that the two major contenders against dollar hegemony, as you know yourself, China and Russia, have pathetically low reserves of gold in their central banks. If they were go to a bi-metal system, gold and silver, that could function. The Chinese, I believe, and perhaps also the Russians, could have substantial reserves of silver”.

However, I would be quick to point out that the “officially” reported gold holdings of China and Russia are likely erroneous. Since Iran was, until recently, able to keep information about its massive gold purchases fairly confidential (that may suddenly make their sovereign gold reserves on par with those of the United Kingdom), since China was able to keep purchases that doubled its gold reserves secret for six years before information leaked regarding their gold holdings, and since the executive chairman of the precious metals consultancy GFMS, Philip Klapwijk, just acknowledged that the IMF’s country specific reports on gold reserves is inaccurate, probably the safest assumption one can make about oil reserves, gold reserves and silver reserves is that no country is reporting honest numbers as every country scrambles to prepare itself for the second phase of the global monetary meltdown.

Though Mr. Engdahl only briefly touches on gold and silver price manipulation at the very end of this interview, the first step in breaking the criminal banking cartel’s commodities rigging game that solely benefits them while destroying the wealth of the world’s citizens is gaining an understanding of their rigging mechanisms. The banking cartel succeeds in creating “false” prices for commodities such as oil, gold and silver through their creation of bogus paper markets (futures, ETFs, etc.), in which sometimes a hundred times or more of the commodity is bought and sold in paper form than exists in real physical form. At the end of the interview, Mr. Engdahl states that he believes the petrodollar system can be broken quite soon by major players in the world economy today. I believe that the bogus gold and silver futures markets and bogus gold and silver ETFs can be destroyed as well in the future as long as people understand the rigging games executed in the gold/silver markets. The problem today is that the majority of people fail to understand these rigging games and that is why they have persisted as long as they have and why the world’s elite bankers have built their wealth enormously in the past decade at the expense of almost everyone other citizen’s well-being. For this reason alone, agree or disagree with Mr. Engdahl, the interview below, though very lengthy, is well worth your time if you truly wish to survive the next several years of economic chaos.


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