This Forbes article really illustrates the editorial thinking process as mainstream media refuses to approach anything even remotely challenging to the religious orthodoxy of Infinite Growth and the myth of Osama bin Laden.

By Michael C. Ruppert

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Michael C. Ruppert was born 1951 in Washington, D.C. His family background is characterized by close proximity to the intelligence and military milieu. At the University of California in Los Angeles Ruppert studied political science. After graduation he went to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), to work as a narcotics agent. In the course of his career he came in touch with the illegal drug trade activities of the CIA. Since he refused to participate in such matters, he had to leave the LAPD. He then became a freelance journalist. In 1998, Mike Ruppert launched the website / newsletter “From the Wilderness (FTW), ( to report on drugs, the CIA and Covert Operations. After September 11, FTW became one of the most reliable starting points for “alternative” information about 9 / 11. The years of research culminated in 2004 in “Crossing the Rubicon.” [1] 2009 he published “Confronting Collapse” (Chelsea Green Publishing) and was portrayed in the documentary “Collapse,”  by director Chris Smith. Today he is the editor of the website “CollapseNet” ( and host of a radio show on The Progressive Radio Network, called “The Life Boat Hour .“


by Michael C. Ruppert – © 2011 Collapsenet, Inc.

[photo: Stefano Corso via Wikimedia Commons]

May 10, 2011, 1100 PDT – SEBASTOPOL — Ken Rapoza has been around for years. He isn’t a bad journalist at all. Smart guy. But this Forbes article really illustrates the editorial thinking process as mainstream media refuses to approach anything even remotely challenging to the religious orthodoxy of Infinite Growth and the myth of Osama bin Laden. I’m sure that Rapoza understands that if he wants to refer to my work and life he will not be allowed to see — or mention — all of me in one place.
As was pointed out by Professor Daniel Ganser of Switzerland in a recent German radio broadcast, „Ruppert is the guy that everybody reads and nobody dares to mention or talk about“. There are unwritten rules about how people who question infinite growth and Peak Oil can be mentioned in mainstream media. In all mainstream publications it is a cardinal sin to link Peak Oil and Collapse with 9-11. Historians and academics around the world have consistently commented that my greatest research contribution in „Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil“ was to do just that: irrefutably link September 11th to Peak Oil. — To see one half of a body of work only by denying the other half is the same as denying all of it.
Still, the mainstream is capable of seeing me only as a 9-11 Truther — which I am not and haven’t been since 2004 — or as a Peak Oil writer, but never both at the same time. The glaring hole here is Forbes‘ complete inability to remember or acknowledge any of my work on Peak Oil, even inBluemark Films‘ hugely-successful documentary, „Collapse„. There is a distinct spiritual brutality — a form of murder — in not being seen as a whole being… Forbes can only see me as a „conspiracy theorist“.. albeit a semi-respected or even a tolerated one. And the world just cannot find the courage to see the now oh-so clear connection between September 11th, Peak Oil and Collapse, even as it becomes in-your-face obvious.
Of course, I could say exactly the same thing about the so-called 9-11 Truth Movement, which is just as incapable of seeing Peak Oil as having anything to do with 9-11. This in spite of the fact that the connection is now as obvious as radiation from Fukushima, collapsing economic activity, global starvation, total financial corruption, gasoline prices… or the death of the Gulf of Mexico.
I remain a constant living reminder of that connection because, until it is made, confronted, and accepted by the mass of humanity, we can expect nothing but deadlier and deadlier unresponsive actions from governments and official institutions around the world who are offering fantasy fixes in a fantasy world. There will never be any hope of responsible governmental action to address collapse until the totality of this insanity and criminal behavior is seen and addressed as just one issue… until all of the criminal co-conspirators are outed and removed; until the entire human race accepts responsibility for creating this moment in history. While I frankly despair of any governmental response in time to do anything positive, leaving us to address and prepare for collapse only as individuals, families, or communities, I am confident that the elephant in the room, the connection between 9-11, Peak Oil and collapse, will, at some point, become totally obvious and ultimately acknowledged.
Sadly — as The Rolling Stones wrote — time is very much on my side. — MCR

Here’s an excerpt… They don’t even mention Collapsenet, which is a breach of journalistic ethics requiring citation of the best and most original source. I did not write anything for Global Research. Forbes lied… It cannot even mention Collapsenet or what we do here.
On May 7, Sept. 11 truther Michael Ruppert came out of the wilderness to add his thoughts on Obama’s Osama assassination. Ruppert writes on Quebec based Global Research website: “First, bin Laden was shooting. Then he wasn’t. Now, no pictures are going to be released. Ridiculous arguments on CNN, by House members stating that releasing photos would inflame and invite retaliation, flatly contradict what I suspect every grunt who ever earned a Combat Infantry Badge would say: Release the damn pictures. Give us some to hand out to the ‘indigs’. We got our man and that’s a message to anyone who would mess with us…Hoo Ah!”
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