The Coordinated Effort to Suppress the Gold Price

In this exclusive video interview that was conducted on behalf of MATTERHORN ASSET MGMT, independent financial journalist Lars Schall discussed with gold market analyst and book author Dimitri Speck the coordinated effort by “The Gold Cartel“ to suppress the price of gold. In particular, they took a critical look at the motivation for central banks and their private bullion bank agents to avoid an “explosion“ in the gold market – and the statistical proof that they are the core influence on the gold price indeed. However, the artificial low price offers a buying opportunity in the long run, says Speck.

By Lars Schall

The following interview was conducted for and published originally here by GoldSwitzerland in Zurich, Switzerland.


Dimitri Speck is a quantitative asset manager, trading system developer and gold market analyst from Munich, Germany. He specializes in pattern recognition of charts. As part of this activity he came across an anomaly in the gold price, and he was ultimately able to demonstrate systematic interventions in the gold market since August 1993. Speck, who is a consultant to the US-based Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, GATA, wrote the book “The Gold Cartel: Government Intervention on Gold, the Mega Bubble in Paper, and What This Means for Your Future,“ published in late 2013 at Macmillan – see here.

“The Gold Cartel is a brisk, articulate and convincing read. Even so, it remains extremely sound. A miracle!” – Professor Heinz Christian Hafke, former German Bundesbank Director.

Furthermore, Speck is the author of the German book “Geheime Goldpolitik” (“Secret Gold Policy”), which was published in 2010 at the Finanzbuch Verlag in Munich – see here. Speck is responsible for two investment funds, a stock fund and a commodity fund, both of which have considerably outperformed the market since inception. Moreover, he is the founder and editor of the website “Seasonal Charts,“ where accurate daily seasonal charts are illustrated. He is a well-known expert on precious metals investment analysis, and he has been interviewed for a number of investment letters and websites and has spoken at industry events on the topic.

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One Response to “The Coordinated Effort to Suppress the Gold Price”

  1. Silber ausverkauft ! sagt:

    Fed’s Tarullo details plans to counter bank runs
    Euer Finanzsystem hat keine Wertspeicher !
    Gold Hammering Leads To Another Overnight Gold Market Halt
    Ihr wollt den Leuten einreden, Gold und Silber wären kein Wertspeicher.
    Dann ist es keine Wunder, dass diese ihr Geld horten !
    Würde man ehrlich im Finanzsystem vorgehen, dann müsste sich niemand Sorgen um sein Vermögen machen.
    Ihr sieht aber den Sinn im Finanzsystem, den ehrlichen Menschen das Vermögen zu klauen !
    Und solange dass so sein wird, wird auch niemand ein Finanzsystem brauchen !
    Ihr habt euch selbst überflüssig gemacht ! 😎

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