The Ministry of Truth as run by NATO and the US State Department received recently some questions from Pepe Escobar (Asia Times Online) and me connected to the alleged false flag attack plans of the Turkish government. Here are the replies.

By Lars Schall

Leaving aside that Sibel Edmonds, the prominent FBI whitsleblower, stated that the tapes are both sanitized and patched together fabrications (see here), Pepe Escobar and I wanted to know from NATO Headquarter and the US State Department about their positions vis-à-vis the leaked tapes that led to a shutdown of Youtube in Turkey.

The e-mail that went to the Foreign Press Office of the US State Department asked, if this observation related to Secretary of State, John F. Kerry, was true:

„Ahmet DAVUTOGLU: They’d say, ‚well, you didn’t even defend your own land‘. Many a times I’ve had amicable conversations with Kerry, he asked me precisely about whether we’ve agreed on a final decision on this strike.“

See here.

I received then the following reply:

Mr. Schall,

My Director, Margot Carrington, asked me to reply.  We have received your query and I am checking to see if there is a response.

Mike Chadwick

Michael J. Chadwick
Media Relations Officer – Europe
Washington Foreign Press Center
U.S. Department of State

However, there was no further response coming our way up to this present day.

The e-mail that went to Oana Lungescu, the NATO spokesperson, said:

Dear Ms. Lungescu,
my name is Lars Schall, I am a freelance journalist from Germany. I copy this e-mail to Pepe Escobar, geopolitical analyst for Asia Times Online.

Related to this news story, I would like to ask you the following:

What is NATO’s position on this?

What does this revelation mean for the mortar grenade incident at the Turkish-Syrian border at the end of 2012?

Related to the latter see here and here, please.

Are you sure the Turkish government does not try to enforce a NATO intervention in Syria with lies?

Kind regards,
Lars Schall.

Here is NATO’s official response:

“As a matter of principle we do not comment on alleged leaks.

Questions relating to the 3 October 2012 incident are for the Turkish authorities to address. NATO never conducted an investigation into this incident. I would also like to stress that no troops under NATO command are engaged in any military actions in or against Syria. NATO’s only military activity in the region is our defensive Patriot deployment which protects Turkey against the threat of Syrian ballistic missiles. These Patriot batteries have been based in Turkey since early 2013. With regard to the conflict in Syria, the Secretary-General has made it very clear that negotiations towards a political solution are the best chance for peace. There is no military solution to the conflict and NATO has no intention of intervening militarily in Syria. NATO fully supports the efforts of the international community to find a peaceful solution.

Should you wish to quote, I would ask you to attribute to a NATO official.”

So we may now all sleep in peace.

This concludes our Ministry of Truth minute.

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