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“Banks fundamentally run on double-entry book keeping“

In an interview, the Australian economist Steve Keen answers the question how money gets created. Moreover, he suggests a “polite way to get rid of an excessive banking sector.“

“Our money system makes people more materialistic”

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, financial journalist Lars Schall interviewed Dr. Philipp Bagus, Professor of economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Bagus points out in this discussion why he thinks the financial crisis is connected to the way money works and addresses the question whether it’s a given that a fiat money […]

Follow the Money: The NSA’s real-time electronic surveillance of bank transactions

Today I publish exclusively the complete transcript of an old, yet important PBS Television documentary entitled „Follow the Money,“ because it is an amazingly candid explanation by the Reagan National Security Council staff on the then new mission in the 1980’s for NSA to begin real-time electronic surveillance of bank transactions.

Money lies disguise banking truths

Economist Norbert Haering, discussing “the veil of deception over money“, argues that closely limited and clearly specified interests distort deliberately the true nature of banking. The vast majority of money in circulation, he says, isn’t issued by central banks but by private financial institutions.

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