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“Banks fundamentally run on double-entry book keeping“

In an interview, the Australian economist Steve Keen answers the question how money gets created. Moreover, he suggests a “polite way to get rid of an excessive banking sector.“

The world is going back to gold

Gold market analyst Jan Nieuwenhuijs talks about his expectations when it comes to economics and finance. Nieuwenhuijs thinks the current crisis will likely result in a change of the international monetary system.

On the subject of „productive credit creation“

Money creation via debt has consequences, especially when the „level of private debt grows faster than income“ and the financial markets see „an increase in the share of speculative loans in the total volume of credit“. What about the benefits of „productive credit creation“ instead?

“We are quite likely to have a failure on COMEX in the silver market”

The renowned economist and financial analyst Alasdair Macleod looks back through the rear window of twenty-twelve and comments important events and developments such as “QE to infinity.” Moreover, he gives his expectations for 2013 in general and the gold and silver markets in particular. We know Alasdair as a man with a lot of common […]

The whole ball game: They can’t talk about it

It was time again for the Deutsche Bundesbank to slam the door in my face. Germany’s central bank can’t give a candid account on its gold policy at home and abroad.  

“Europe and America will not allow deflation to take root”

The international business editor of The Daily Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, talks in this exclusive interview about, among other things: his conviction that the United States aren’t dead yet; what he sees as China’s big challenges; the destructive nature of the EU against democracy; the upcoming bond massacre; why it’s significant that central banks have become […]

The Oil Market for 2013 and Beyond

In the following interview, the economist / oil market analyst Maarten van Mourik says that the fundamentals suggest sustained strong pricing of oil. „Apart from the consumer,“ he argues, „there’s nobody with a real interest in lower prices.“

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