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“The Middle East will blow up – the only question is when”

In this exclusive interview, the renowned economist and energy expert Hossein Askari reflects on some crucial topics of our time, inter alia: current developments in the energy business; the high oil price and the main drivers of it; the Iranian conflict and other challenges in the Middle East; China as the rising energy power; gold-for-oil […]

Das Gold-Todeskreuz ist ein Kaufsignal für China

Der Goldpreis ist unter $ 1600 gestürzt; Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS und Citigroup senken beim Gold die Daumen nach unten; und dann gibt’s da noch angeblich ein “Todeskreuz“-Verkaufssignal. Das freut China immens, das bei jedem Preisrückgang dankend zugreift, statt Anleihen in Euroland zu kaufen.

“Gold Gives You Extremely Important Signals”

David P. Goldman / Spengler, “the world’s most brilliant intelligence service,” discusses in this exclusive interview some of his thoughts on various aspects related to gold. Inter alia, he explains why he supports a commodity price rule for monetary policy that is connected to the yellow metal.

What’s really key for the price formation of gold?

In this exclusive interview for Matterhorn Asset Management, Robert Blumen discusses some important but widely misunderstood elements acting on the gold price. He explains that frequently cited gold demand statistics have no relationship to the gold price.  In addition, he explains that the annual gold mine production is of very little influence, as gold is […]

Ted Truman is getting tired of transparency with me real fast

Edwin M. Truman, who calls for transparency regarding gold swap and lease arrangements among central banks, has engaged enough on this topic with me. And then there’s a message from the NY Fed related to the repatriation of some German gold from NYC to Frankfurt. It can’t discuss the issue due to „contractual confidentiality requirements.“

Ted Truman Talks Turkey

Yesterday I have published some answers that I received from Edwin M. Truman related to international gold politics. Here’s a reply from the Canadian financial analyst Rob Kirby.

The Real Currency, Gold and Energy War in Mali

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Have you heard lately of the meme of a currency war that’s going on? Well, Pepe Escobar, the “roving eye” correspondent of Asia Times, tells you about the real currency, gold and energy war that is now raging in Mali, as the overall Global War on Terror needs new battlefields to perpetuate itself […]

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